Athlete of the Month

April 2017 Member of the Month

Tara Munden


Tara is April’s Athlete of the Month! Way to go, Tara!

Tara is continuously raising the bar at CrossFit OnSide. Every time Tara comes in she radiates enthusiasm and encouragement towards her classmates, whether there are WallBalls in the WOD or not. Despite having been doing CrossFit for almost a decade, she’s still improving, working on her weaknesses and learning new things. Tara has even made a couple noon class “Rivals” that keep pushing her through positive progress.

Tara has made a healthy lifestyle a priority for her and her family. We think she truly embodies the values of CrossFit OnSide through and through, cheering her classmates on, helping out new class members and re-enforcing that positive spirit even when the coach says you’re doing “Karen”. Between running the kids to Soccer, Gymnastics, Swimming, Little Ninjas, Dance and Hockey, Tara always finds the time to stay fit. If shes not working out here at the box, she’s got a barbell at home in the driveway, running up and down the street!

Thanks for all your hard work, Tara! Congrats!

What’s your least favorite WOD and why? Least favorite movement?

My least favorite movement would be the Sumo Deadlift High Pull, I loathe it. My least favorite WOD would be Kelly or Karen. Those girls put me through the ringer every time.

What”s the biggest change you’ve seen in yourself since starting CrossFit?

The biggest physical change I’ve seen would be my increase in overall strength but another big change that is more surprising is the enjoyment I get from working out.

What would you say to someone who wants to try CrossFit?

If someone is thinking about trying CrossFit I would tell them to just go!!!! CrossFit is a different experience for everyone. Don’t go by others people’s opinions, try a class and form your own.

What”s something people might not know about you?

Something people might not know about me…. good question. I feel like people already know so much about me. I think I may be the only person to have someone break into their house and offer them a glass of water and life advice.

March 2017 Member of the Month

Owen Brine


Congratulations to Owen Brine as our first Member of the Month!

Owen joined CrossFit OnSide in November 2016, he was accepted with open arms into the 6AM class. Since then, Owen has been a staple in the morning classes, cheering on his fellow classmates, pushing himself in every WOD, and sharing his tips on fly-catching (…or breathing techniques) with the class. While we can go on about the things that impress us about Owen, I think the most impressive thing is that he’s taught his kids to love the “Thunderstruck Burpee Warm-Up”!

Congratulations, Owen! Keep up the hard work!

How did you decide on CrossFit OnSide?

I decided on Crossfit Onside after my father in law suddenly passed away last summer.  I was not living a healthy lifestyle and needed to take control to be here for my wife and four kids.  While on a business trip abroad I joined Crossfit Yas and was hooked, so I looked up Crossfit Onside and was immediately impressed by the positive vibe and community engagement.  The staff are highly trained and have a great approach to fitness and healthy living.

What’s your favorite WOD? Why?

Tough Call!  I met Karen one Friday morning on choice day when you set us up.  I love Karen because it is simple – Push, Push harder, and keep pushing.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in yourself since starting CrossFit?

Aside from the weight loss, the change I like the most is simply how much better I feel and the energy I have to do things with the kids.

What would you say to someone who wants to try CrossFit?

Try it.  It is literally for anyone.  I have tried other gyms and a home gym.  It is different when you start or end your day surrounding yourself with positive people who share a passion for healthy living and encourage you along.  Even travelling you can drop in to a local Box do a WOD and meet more great people in the larger Crossfit community.

What’s something people might not know about you?

I can clap with one hand!