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CrossFit is our principle strength and conditioning program for adults. The program is designed around the functional movements that we do in everyday life, and the workouts are always changing. The group classes provide a fun and supportive environment, but are small enough for individualized attention with the trainer to ensure safety and efficiency. We offer open gym, where anyone can come in and work on strength or skills, or do a quick WOD. These designated times will not be led by an instructor, however there will be a coach present for supervision. All CrossFit memberships include CrossFit Classes, Olympic Lifting Classes, Open Gym, Gymnastics, Bootcamp, Mobility, Flow and Babies and Barbells.

2x / Week
1 month - $54.99
6 month** - $49.99
12 month** - $44.99
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1 month - $69.99
6 month** - $64.99
12 month** - $59.99
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1 month - n/a
6 month** - $119.99
12 month** - $109.99
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 *all rates are subject to HST

Discounts offered on 2x/week and Unlimited Memberships: If these discounts apply to you, contact us before registering.
Police/fire/paramedic/military: 15%
Student: 15%

**Early cancellation of a 6 or 12 month membership requires 30 day notice, plus cancellation fee.

Babies and Barbells

This is a “bring  your baby” class offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:00am. All members are welcome to attend this class, with or without a baby!


Oly-Lifting is a class to work on specific skills in regards to Olympic Weightlifting. Each week we focus on a certain movement and a set of drills done to perfection


Our mobility class offers a full hour of instructor-led, dedicated time, to improve and maintain joint, muscle and connective tissue health.


Flow Class is a relaxing class with a yoga feel to it. Flow takes mobility class to the next level with dynamic movements and deep, relaxing positions. Come get loose!


Bootcamp is a cardiovascular-endurance focused class with light loads and high repetitions designed to build your engine. Bootcamp is a must for athletes looking to increase their stamina and mental fortitude.


Gymnastics class focuses on perfecting bodyweight skill movements. We work on drills that will refine the high skill movements on and off the bar.

Open Gym

Are you working on specific workouts and targeting certain areas? Then come in to work on your own during open gym! You will have access to the whole box to focus on your own training and concentrate on what you want to work on.


Personal Training Sessions:

Personal Training – is for anyone who is not interested in the group setting, or who would prefer starting with one-on-one training. Please contact us for more information on personal training.

  • 1-hour session – $64.99/hour
  • 10-session package – $599.99

 *all rates are subject to 15% HST


10 Punch Pass: $149.99 (must be used within 3 months of purchase)

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Traveling CrossFit Athletes: First drop-in is free, then weekly unlimited $39.99 

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Referral Program:

Each friend who signs up for a 6 or 12-month membership with your referral, you’ll receive a FREE month.