Foundations Introduction

    " It is often intimidating to work out alongside people who are far more experienced than you but never have I felt so motivated and included by the amazing coaches and the great crew of people sweating alongside me each morning. What a fantastic community Jenny and Nathan have built at CrossFit Onside. "
    " The friendship, support and encouragement of this community has meant the world to me. I love pushing myself to achieve what I didn't think was possible. CrossFit OnSide is outstanding on every level and I am proud to be a part of it. "
  • JAY J
    JAY J
    " Having walked in off of the street with no prior knowledge of Crossfit, I can say that the people at CrossFit OnSide were incredibly welcoming and willing to put in the work to help me get fitter. At Crossfit Onside I feel like more than just a member, I am part of a community that encourages everyone to succeed! "


 No, you don’t need to get in shape to come to CrossFit, we’ll take care of that for you!


  Everyone at CrossFit OnSide starts with the Foundations program. We make sure you feel comfortable with all of the movements and how things work when you come into class. Foundation classes are designed to introduce you to CrossFit and learn some of the essential movements we do in CrossFit. We’ll walk you through what a normal class will be like, learn proper technique and even get our sweat on.

  We think your introduction at Crossfit Onside deserves our full attention. Our Foundations program puts your education first by giving you two in-depth, one-on-one sessions with an experienced and highly qualified trainer.


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